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Customizable Fire Pits and Tables

Form and function are two elements that are present in the planning process of every project that Monti Ackerman Sculpture takes on. Our fire features optimize both the beauty and the functionality of newly designed structures by utilizing old world blocks of solid granite. We challenge our clients to think beyond concrete and mortared veneer installations. We integrate stainless hardware and the latest in smartphone controlled technology to create captivating works of art made to your specifications.


Boutique Water Features

Monti Ackerman Sculpture fountains share the unique characteristic of being carved from massive boulders. From a design perspective they present as a natural work of art. Functionally, it eliminates the need for continuous joints and far less maintenance over the decades.  We should be asking not only how will it look when installed - but how will it look in 20 or 40 years? We design and create fountains that last.

Quincy Merrymount .jpg


The Monti sculpting approach utilizes a unique combination of cutting methods which allows for efficient and cost-effective work on large-scale projects.  Ryan Ackerman learned his craft under his grandfather, the late Edward P. Monti. At the age of 12 he began working at the family monument company, A. Monti Granite, in Quincy, MA. Ryan has extensive knowledge of all the finishes available in the granite industry: rock, point, sandblast, thermal, honed, and polished.  His ability to marry cutting technique and design has spawned a whole new generation and style, focusing on applying a variety finishes for hyper realistic installations.

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